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MSP Center Plus - Help Document

The Help Document provides you all need info about MSP Center Plus, right from System Requirements to troubleshooting steps.

The various section available in this guide are:
- Architecture of MSP Center Plus
System Requirements
-  Hardware and Software requirements for deploying Central and Probe
Installation Guide
- Steps to install the Central and Probe
Getting Started
- Quick Start Guide to get started quickly with MS Center Plus
- General questions on MSP Center Plus
How Stuff Works
- How the modules/settings/configurations in MSP Center Plus work
How Tos
- Steps to configure the various settings eg.: Creating an email notification profile
Self Help
- Steps to analyze the logs and troubleshoot the issues by yourself in a quick and easy manner
User Guide
- Steps to configure all the settings in MSP Center Plus
Best Practices Guide
- Best practices followed with MSP Center Plus
- Workarounds and Troubleshooting steps to the common errors
Upgrade Steps
- Steps to upgrade the Central to the latest build
Service Packs & Hot fixes
- List of features and issues that are taken for the next release and the list of issues that are fixed so far

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