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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the FAQs on MSP Center Plus are as follows.
Difference between Request and Service Request
All the support e-mails sent by the customer to your helpdesk team are logged in as Requests in the Helpdesk module. If the request cannot be solved remotely (i.e., from your NOC) and needs a Technician to visit the customer on-site to solve the issue or a customer requests for on-site technician to solve his issues, then the request is considered as a service request. The request is then converted as a service request.

Service requests help you to send an invoice to your customers charging him for the technician visit. The technician can fill his time sheet (on-site expenses), then the IT administrator or IT head approves the time sheet, creates an invoice and sends to the customer.

Difference between MSP Center Plus and OpManager
MSP Center Plus is designed for Managed Service Provides and has a probe-central architecture. The  Central is installed at the NOC, while the probe is installed at the client locations.

OpManager does not have any probe-central architecture and cannot be used by MSPs. It is designed for the customers who want to monitor only thier network elements.

MSP Center Plus
Monitors devices of various networks remotely from a single web console.
Monitors only the devices on the local network.
Multiple installation needed (Central and Probe).
Single installation.
Offers integrated desktop management, helpdesk and service autoamation services.Intergration can be done externally with other ManageEngine products.
Manages Customer Hardware and Software inventory.Not possible.
Protect customer networks from hacks and threats.Security Add-on Not possible.
Provides Remote Control feature.Not possible.
Provides File and Folder Management.Not provided.
Provides Patch Management.Not provided.
Rebranding is possible.Not possible.

Difference between MSP Center Plus and OpManager Enterprise Edition
Both MSP Center Plus and OpManager Enterprise Edition have a probe-central architecture. The difference between them is MSP Center Plus has the Desktop Management and Helpdesk & Service Automation modules inbuilt, while the OpManager EE is built only for Network Monitoring. Click here to know the feature wise comparion.

How many devices are currently being monitored by MSP Center Plus
To know the number of devices that are currently being monitored by MSP Center Plus, go to MSP Dashboard and click on About link. 

The about window opens [screen shot shown below]. The value mentioned corresponding to the Devices field shows the count of the devices being monitored.

What do you mean by Threshold Alert and Rearm Value?
Threshold Alert:
Threshold alert determines the value at which the set condition is violated and leaving the status of that monitor to Attention. The threshold condition and value to be configured depends on the monitor. For example, for the Disk Utilization monitor, the threshold value can be 90 and condition have to >. Once the disk utilization exceeds 90% of it total, then the monitor status is changed to Attention and an alert is raised.

Rearm Value:
Rearm value is used to prevent assigning of same status to a resource every time it is polled. If a resource is assigned Attention state as it has crossed the defined threshold value, it is assigned a Clear state only if it goes below the Attention rearm value in the subsequent polls. For the above example, the suitable rearm value will be 60. If the monitor value falls below or reaches 60%, then the monitor is turned back to Clear state.
Is it possible to give multiple Email addresses while configuring Notification Profiles, Schedule Reports?
Yes it is very much possible with MSP Center Plus to give multiple Email addresses for Email Alert notifications and Schedule Reports configurations. You can enter multiple Email addresses separated by a comma (,) in the To Email Address field.

Is it possible to assign specific roles to Helpdesk Technicians?
Yes it is possible to assign specific roles to Helpdesk Technicians.
  1. Go to Helpdesk--> Admin--> Roles.
  2. Click Add New Role [Available on the top right corner of the page].
  3. Configure the Access Permissions and Save.
  4. Once configuring the Role, associate it to the Technicians.

What is Script Repository?
Software repository is a folder that you have to manually create in the same server where the Central is installed. You can download the MSI or EXE type of software under this folder. From the central web client you can add a package for the downloaded software and install it on the client's computers. To know more on installing software, read our software deployment guide.

Do I need to take periodical backups?
We recommend users to take periodical backups of your Central server manually. In case something goes wrong you can restore the data with the backup. Click here to know the steps to backup the Central server.

Can I take a Hot Backup of MSP Center Plus (without stopping the Probe or Central Service)?
At this moment this is not possible with MSP Center Plus. However, this will be available in the subsequent releases.

Is it possible to stop alert generation for Desktop shutdown and boot up, at the same time should monitor all other parameters of the desktop and notify if threshold is violated?
Yes, it is possible. Follow the steps given below:
  1. Login to the probe web client.
  2. Go to Admin-> Monitoring Interval.
  3. Uncheck the Desktop Check box.

  4. Click Save.
This will prevent alert generation for desktop shutdown and boot up. However, still you will receive an alert, because if the desktop is shutdown, then the router port to which the desktop is connected will also be considered as Down. Follow the steps given below to stop notifying if a particular router port goes down:
  1. Login to the central web client.
  2. Go to the Snapshot page of the Router.
  3. Mouse-over Actions tab and click Configure Interfaces.
  4. Uncheck the Notify Check box of the interface.

  5. Click OK.

Can I use a self-signed SSL certificate?
Not possible. By default MSP Center Plus uses a open SSL certificate. Due to this you will get the security pop-up on the browser. However, you can use browsers like firefox which will store the SSL exception and will not prompt you again for the SSL. If you do not want that you can purchase a new SSL certificate from a vendor and then integrate that with MSP Center Plus.

Can Remote control connection be established to laptops even if they are not in the same Probe network (in travel)?
Yes you can establish a remote control connection to laptops even when they are not in the same Probe network. To establish a remote control connection the laptop (agent) must be able to communicate with the Central via internet.

Do setting up failover support requires a separate license?
Yes failover setup requires a separate license. Check our store.

In a failover setup, should the Primary server and the Secondary server must be in the same network or can be located at different locations?
At normal setup, all the probes can access the Primary server. The Secondary server can be deployed in a different location provided, the Secondary server must be accessible for the probes.

Is it possible to install the Central and Probes in a virtual environment?
Yes you can very well install the Central and Probes in a virtual environment.

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